Campaign emails are not media releases

This email from the UAP demonstrates the crucial differences between effective written email content and media releases.

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April 10, 2022
United Australia Party
Subject Line
United Australia Party NOT preferencing Greens
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Email and media releases are different types of communication

  1. Media releases are often sent to broad and diverse media organisations to assist those reporting your issue. The goal is to increase media coverage.
  2. Email is personal communication that does not require a third party to mediate the message. You talk to your supporters directly, delivering valuable information to help them make an informed decision.

This email from the United Australia Party confuses the two forms with a copy and pasted media release used as the primary email text.

The good:

Preheader text: The preview gives additional context to the reader. However, keep the preheader under 35 characters, including white space, to ensure your message is seen in all inboxes.

The Android Gmail app varies the number of preheader characters you can use depending on subject line length

Needs improvement:

Length: This email aims to inform the base that the UAP will not be preferencing The Greens. This message can be communicated effectively in under 275 words.

Personalisation: Research suggests that users have positive reactions to some emails that are text-based and lack high-quality imagery. If done correctly, these messages feel more personal.

If you use this approach, write the email as a personal email from the candidate rather than a press release.

If Clive Palmer wants to paint himself as a man of the people, why isn't he emailing his supporters directly and telling them where his preferences are going? Instead, copying and pasting a media release results in an impersonal and distant email.

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